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Trying Again!!

I made it 23 days without having wine.  Then I had a birthday…..and I had some wine with family.  Not much, just one glass.  One glass too many.  I then had some wine later in the week and yesterday, I polished off a full bottle!!  It took most of the day to do it so I was not drunk.  Today, I am back to none and Day 1 again.  I felt so much better not drinking and today I felt like crap again.  Why in the hell can’t I just put it away for good?  I didn’t grow up with it but along the way, learned to love it too, too much!!

It has to stop!! Enough said!!

“I would like water please”

Thursday night I went to my first social event since I stopped drinking wine.  This is a group of golfing friends that meet once a month for dinner and to catch up on golfing events.  Most in the group drink wine but I noticed more are now just having water or tea.  I thought people would notice I was not drinking wine but none did…or at least if they did, they didn’t mention it!

Why did I think people would notice?  I have been meeting with this group for 6 years and normally have my two glasses of wine.  If the function is at someone’s home, it is BYOB and usually everyone brings wine.  Is it because I feel so bad about the amount of my own drinking and I think others are reading my mind?  Prior to stopping the booze, I would leave the dinner, stop by the wine store, get a bottle and finish the bottle before going to bed!   Then the shame, guilt, and generally feeling like crap the next day would consume me.

It has now been 3 weeks (21 days) since my last drink!  Everything is improving.  The dark circles are gone from under my eyes, my skin is better, the morning sinus drainage is gone, I sleep so much better and my blood pressure is way down.  I know I will have challenges to come with wanting to drink (maybe this is the “pink cloud” of sobriety I have been reading about) but my resolve is to stay strong and continue the quest to be a “non-drinker” – not just sober but a “non-drinker”.

As part of my minimalist journey, I am going through old photographs today and purging.  I moved them here 8 years ago and have not looked at them since.  My plan right now is to keep a few memorable one’s but to do something with the remainder….either have copied to discs, give away or toss.  This task might just be the most emotional one I will have to tackle.