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What would you do anyway?

Conversation with my boss today: Boss:  “How are you feeling these days?” Me:  “Good.  I go back for my six month check-up in October but I’m not having any problems. Boss:”You still doing OK working full time?” Me: “Yes.  I … Continue reading

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Addicted to “collecting”!!

I am not sure I can remember the diffferent types of things I have “collected” during my life.  I guess I enjoyed the fun of finding items during the collection period but honestly, I don’t remember so it could not … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market

One of the first things I do on Saturday morning is go to the Farmer’s Market.  It is located in a lovely little town near me and the requirement is that all the food be grown in our county which … Continue reading

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Three Year Short Story

About 3 years ago, I decided to become a Vegan.  My cholesterol was high and I cannot take Statins due to muscle pain. I was also horrified at how animals are treated and slaughtered at factory farms so this was … Continue reading

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My Journey Begins

Why the name “Imperfect Minimalist”? Minimalism – A style or technique that is characterized by simplicity Imperfect – Not perfect This is me.  I have been working on being a minimalist for a few months now but realize it is … Continue reading

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