Progress – 2 Months Alcohol Free

“Nothing will work unless you do”.  – Maya Angelou

I made a list of all the things wrong with me on the day I stopped drinking wine which has now been 60 days.  Improvements are noted.

  • High Blood Pressure – 169/92 P=85 (116/66 P=66)
  • High Cholesterol – 325 total (not tested since change)
  • Obese – Weight 217# (now 196# – lost 21#)
  • 50” waistline – belly fat from sugar in wine and junk food (now 43” – down 7”)
  • Morning Nasal Congestion ( almost gone)
  • Feet Swelling and compression socks needed (now gone)
  • Arthritis in hands (no change)
  • Red Spots appearing after wine binge (no new spots)
  • Dry Skin (better)
  • Dry Eyes requiring morning eye drops (no longer needed)
  • Depressed – alcohol is a depressant (better – work in progress
  • Sweaty – can’t handle heat (progress)
  • Drank no water – always wine (now drinking lots more plain water and some coffee)

When I stopped the boozing, I became more focused on my health and trying to fix all the things I had damaged.  I was actually scared I would die soon.  When drinking, I did not care what I ate and wound up stopping for crappy food before coming home.  I knew that once I started drinking I would not be in any position to cook anything – healthy or not.  So I ate junk food and drank junk wine.  I am now exercising some – just walking and some weights. Nothing would have changed if I had continued to drink the wine.  It is a work in progress but I’m really proud of myself!

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