Stopping the booze!

“Keep pushing every day!  DO NOT ever give up.”     —Anon—

I was going to cancel my blog recently and then received a notification from Word Press that my annual fee had been charged.  It was on “Auto Pay” which I forgot.  They had sent me notices but I was not paying attention to my email messages.  My fault!

So, here I am giving it another try.

I have an “alcohol substance abuse” issue.  Is this the new term for “alcoholic”? I have been drinking wine just about every day for the past 20 years.  There would be “moderation” at times but it didn’t stick.  I was a “social” drinker at the beginning and it morphed into full-blown drink a bottle (or more) of wine a night.  Every night!  The longest time I ever quit completely was 57 days but I started right back up at a bottle a night again.  I read all the quit books, “You Tube” posts, read blogs, blah, blah, blah……

On July 4, after a particularly heavy evening of “Chardonnay”, I said “enough” and have not had any since…not even a sip.  Somehow it feels different this time.  I feel fabulous for one thing.  I can’t remember how I felt the last time but it must not have been so terrific because I started it again.  The first few days were rough, it took about 9 days to get a solid 8 hour sleep but since then, no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings.  I realize this may be the “pink cloud” but I intend to never drink again!

It has now been 58 days which is the longest I’ve been without alcohol in 20 years.  It’s just the beginning and I know I will be tempted.  The only goal I had when I stopped was to be alcohol free!  It wasn’t about losing weight, exercise, eating right – nothing.  Just stop the booze!   My last blog post was December 31, 2018 and I wrote about being “healthy”.  Total bull since I was still sucking down and numbing myself with wine every night.  I realized my health depends on being free from alcohol.  If I had not stopped, I feared I would soon be dead.  The next milestone is 100 days.  I will be tested with some “boozy” social function and my reserve will be tested.  Staying strong!

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