On this, the last day of 2018, it is time for reflections!  I am 73 years old now and the year was a blessed one since I stayed fairly healthy.  All my annual checks ups were good and no new issues developed.

I decided to sell my home in April.  I wanted to be debt free with no mortgage for the first time since our first home in 1978.  I also did not want the liability of maintaining it.  It sold quickly and I moved into a new apartment in the same area.  I moved into a place half the size so more downsizing had to happen.  It is amazing how little we truly need to be comfortable and happy.  I was a bit concerned with apartment living but it has turned out to be quite pleasant.  There are only about 70 units and the majority of my neighbors are young professionals, military and retirees like me.  It is a new building with all the amenities I need.

I also went back to work.  The person that replaced me at retirement decided to quit and walked out one day so I was asked to return to train another replacement. It was a blessing as I was getting really bored.  After the new person was trained, I was asked to stay on in another department while some system changes are happening.  I now work in the mornings, 5 days a week and am loving it.  It still gives me plenty of time to do other things and not enough time left to get bored.  It also gives me some extra income to help while the stock market is so crazy and my IRA account is unsettled.

Life is good!!

My goal for 2019 is to work on staying healthy.  I did go off my vegan diet and want to get back to it.  It is really a Whole Foods Plant Based diet.  I have signed up for a 30 day challenge in January to be WFPB with no added oils.  My doctor said oil was the worst thing for damaging endothelial cells in the lining of the arteries (my problem with the dissection) so want to try not using it.   I did gain a few pounds in 2018 so want to lose them plus some extra.  Cutting oil can’t hurt…stuff is calorie dense.

I have also set up a rather aggressive budget for 2019.  Panic set in when the stock market started the daily losses and ended up the worst year in 10 years.  I realized I had to become more minimalist and frugal.  I’ve done a good job so far by downsizing so much but there’s some more to be done.  I’m not perfect!

I truly wish for all reading this a very Happy New Year!!

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