Apartment Living

I began moving into my new apartment on May 1 but the furniture did not get moved until May 12 because it took longer to get the state inspection of the elevator. After it was inspected, it stopped working for a while so the movers did not want to move furniture up to the second floor.

The house sale went through with no problems and it closed on May 23.  I thought I had done a good job of minimizing but there was still so much “stuff” to either sell or donate it took more time than I had thought.  I downsized from a 2,000 square foot house with a garage to a 1,000 square foot apartment.  After selling most of the furniture I no longer needed, I just donated everything else and it was still a truck load (small truck).  I just wanted it “gone”.

I am settling into the apartment. I had to buy a new sofa (the sectional in the house would not fit and new owners bought it) and a sofa bed for the guest room/office.  I moved too much stuff for the kitchen and when I unpacked, I had to donate more stuff.  I do like my new living arrangements.  My biggest fear was noise from neighbors.  The complex has 72 units but only 30 are occupied at present so I have no neighbors on either side but I do have a neighbor above me.  The only noise I hear is their little dog bark once in a while and them walking in the kitchen/dining area that has hardwood floors.  At night, it is perfectly quiet.  I am very cognizant of apartment living and keep my own noise down as much as possible.  For now, noise is not a problem.  It may change when I have neighbors beside me but hopefully it will be OK.

I am glad I decided to get a garage with the apartment.  I leased the first one which is closest to the complex and has extra storage space.  I do not intend to store much but it is handy for the golf clubs.  There is no way I can move them in and out of the apartment each time I play so now have plenty of space.

I picked up three bad habits in this move process.  I got tired and lazy.  I started eating crappy food, stopped going to the gym every day and began drinking way too much wine.  I stopped for either fast food or food from the local grocery food bar and normally a bottle of wine.  I drank the bottle of wine, ate the food late at night and then went to bed.  Therefore, I gained some weight back.  Now that I have moved completely and have a working kitchen, I am concentrating on getting rid of all three of these “bad habits”.  The one that bothers me the most is going back to drinking wine.  I love wine.  Chardonnay.  I love it too much.  Being a breast cancer survivor, I should not be drinking any alcohol.   So the first of these habits to break is stop with the wine again.  I suppose the stress of selling the house and moving was the trigger.  Now that I’m through all that, I will conquer the wine first.  Today is Day 1.

And…..the woman that replaced me when I retired, quit last week and left without notice.  They asked if I would return to help out until they found a replacement again and I said yes…..so I am back at work.  More on this in another post.

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