8 Hour Listing – Sold!

The move in date for my new apartment was changed to May 1 due to some construction delays.  I listed my house with a realtor on April 2.  I thought it would be easier to move and wait for the house to sell.  This would give me plenty of time to sell, give away and move my belongings.

The listing was active about noon.  I had two showings that afternoon and got a call from my realtor at 8:00 p.m. and she said she was expecting an offer. The offer came in at full price with closing the end of May.  Fantastic!  Worries gone!!   Nothing like an 8 hour listing!!  The buyers were not the people that had the showing….they were out of the country and bought the house by looking at the pictures.  Evidently they had been looking for quite a while and had lost 3 houses by being too low with the offer or two slow and it got away.  So now I am worried.  What if they looked at it and hated it?

They came into town on the 14th and loved it.  They want to buy quite a bit of the furniture and want to close a week early.

The next month will be a busy one with packing and sorting.  I really don’t have much left as I’ve been minimizing for quite a while.  I expect I’ll be donating most of what’s left.  I had thought of hiring a firm to do a tag sale but I really don’t have enough left for anyone to be interested.

My minimizing helped to sell my house.  I made sure it was spotless, there was nothing on counters and I even took up all the scatter rugs.

So now…I start packing.

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