Live with Less

“Live with less, to make room for more.” 

I have decided to sell my home of 12 years and move into a two-bedroom apartment.  This is my 8th house and I am just DONE!  I am done with the mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, cleaning and the whole thing.  My house is 2,000 square feet and I’m moving into a 1,000 square feet apartment.  The apartment is under construction and I’ll be moving the first week of April if all continues to go well with construction.  It is located near my home so I have all my local “haunts” and businesses.

I have minimized quite a bit but now it gets serious.  As I make the move, I am going to go with “The Minimalists” recommendations to (1) identify the essentials and (2) let go of the rest and “live with less, to make room for more”.

A picture of the house is included.  I will update as the move progresses.


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