Countdown to Retirement

My retirement is 3 days away!  The original plan was to work until the end of October to train my replacement but 6 weeks is just too long.  Last week, we agreed I would be off today and work Tuesday and Wednesday, mornings only, and then I’m done.  I have been over my duties multiple times with my replacement so now she will need to figure it out on her own.  It’s the slow season so she will be just fine.

So, how do I feel about all this?  I’m excited but a little unsure of what to do with my time off.    I’ve been working 55 years with minimal downtime – usually a couple of weeks at a time.  There has always been a daily “routine” when working (shower and dress, coffee, breakfast, out the door – throw in gym some mornings) so now there will be no “routine” until I make a new one.  Does there need to be a “routine”?  What if I just wake up on my own and plan the day then?  It can be anything I want it to be as long as I just do it and not sit at home and become a hermit.  What does “routine” mean anyway…”a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program”.  Do I need the structure of a regular program every day?

Whether working or not, I find it easier to exercise early in the morning.  If I don’t, then I usually wind up not doing it at all.  So the one thing I want to do every day is move my body.  I’ve been remiss lately and it’s showing up on the scales….easy to put on…but hard to get off.  There are great waking trails around my home, my gym is about a block away, and Yoga classes are offered almost daily.  Our community college offers numerous classes of interest to us “seniors” and one in digital photography is calling my name.  I can always golf – either practice or play!!  There are endless possibilities.  Whether or not I develop a “routine” remains to be seen but my preference is not to have one and plan my day around the activities and classes available at the time. Staying at home and being a hermit on occasion sounds pleasant too!!

So, the “countdown” is on…


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