Retiring “again”!

I retired from corporate America in 2008. Then the great recession hit and my investment portfolio tanked – as everyone’s did. Not knowing whether my funds would last, I accepted a part time position working in the golf industry and it has been absolutely wonderful. I never thought I would “work” in my “play” industry – what joy! The part time position became full time the following year and I have been there ever since. I am, however, retiring “again” at the end of next month. Now, here’s the funny thing. In my post in September, 2014 My Journey Begins I wrote I was 69 years old and would be retiring “again” in a few months. I cannot remember what that was about or what I was thinking. I guess this was one of those “senior moments” of forgetfulness.

Yesterday, I began training my replacement and it is difficult. The knowledge of Microsoft applications is not as originally expressed in the resume. I was not expecting to have to train someone on how to use Excel and Word so it just makes it harder and more time consuming. She said she would need a “little” refreshing….much more than a “little” is going to be needed. I think there was some “embellishing” of qualifications in the resume. Never works….always catches up when it comes right down to doing what the job requires and the skills are just not as stated.

When I leave, I want my replacement to be able to handle the majority of the duties without help. The company has been really good to me, I love the people and I want to leave with the change as “seamless” as possible. Unreasonable? No,not really. I will be there for a month and a half to “train” and this is our slow season. The phones are quiet, the tournament entries are low and the tournaments are almost over for the year. The training will be extensive and the job is not hard or demanding. It’s not “rocket science” folks…it’s golf!

So after a stressful day….I took a Yoga class! My new favorite!

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