“Pink Cloud”

I have been reading recovery blogs from wine drinkers like me.  Some mention the “pink cloud” so I thought I would check it out.  Here is what I found:

Pink Cloud

12 step recovery jargon referring to someone new who talks about how great life is now that they are sober.  Usually meaning the person is out of touch with reality.

“The new guy has no job, no money, no family is feeling pretty good.  Must be under a pink cloud.”

From what I read, it means that “early recovery is often referred to as a roller coaster because it involves great highs and lows.  Emotions that have been anesthetized with alcohol suddenly awaken and feelings are intense.  Over confidence can lead to relapse.  The feelings are so good they fail to do things needed to stay on track.”

I really do feel better without drinking wine.  I have had thoughts of having a glass of wine when things are going great but I stopped myself.  Was that the “pink cloud”?  Am I addicted to wine?  Probably.

I will keep the “pink cloud” in mind as I continue with my journey.


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