I will not admit I am defeated…

I did not make it through the holidays without drinking wine.  I guess it is a bad time to swear off something that is such a big part of my life and has been for years.  I spent Christmas with a friend and there was much entertaining and guests and wine and fattening food.  And, I had some (a lot) of it all.  The wine was the easy part and I stopped when I began to feel the least little buzz.  It continued during the whole month of January.  The short days, cold, wet, gloomy days made it really easy to come home, plop in front of the TV, drink wine and eat late.  Not wanting to cook, I just grabbed something from the store.  I went totally off my plan for two months.  I will not admit I am defeated….

So I continue on.  Tomorrow I am headed to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to stock up on items not available here in my small town.  The refrigerator will be cleaned out and the pantry.  I really want to stay on a whole foods plant based diet with no animal products at all and this time, I am going to do it without oil and sugar.  I have never decided I could do it without oil but really like the plan otherwise.  Of course, no wine.  I am giving myself a 30 day challenge.  Food will be simple and nothing processed.  Food was not simple during the holidays.

Tonight is the Grand Opening of our new office building.  There will be about 200 people there for cocktails and dinner.  My plan is to not have any wine and just leave the meat (no vegan option).  Probably just have the salad which is what I usually do at these functions.

This week begins the renovation of my home.  I will write more about progress later.  I guess the title of my blog is right on “Imperfect”…… I am not handling this journey right.  I’ll get it together!!  One day at a time!!


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