It’s Time!!

Two things have happened recently that really made me strongly consider retirement and my “mortality”.  I don’t mean working part time, I mean complete retirement from working outside my home.  The first thing is a gentleman in our office, one of the directors, did not come to work one day and we simply thought he was on a trip and had not informed us.  My boss called him and left a message and also sent a text.  His wife called that evening and said she and her son had left him sleeping in the morning and when they got home, they found him deceased in his bed.  He had no prior health issues.  He was 65.

Yesterday, another member of our staff said his 69 year old dad had been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer.  He had never smoked and had no health issues.  He was still working full time and was waiting to retire when he was 70 since he would get more in social security benefits.

I know everyone has similar incidents in their lives and I have had them in the past.  But for some reason, these hit me harder than usual.  I will be 69 years old this month.  I am still in relatively good health, albeit with one issue, and still have some things I want to do and I can’t get it all done on the weekend. 

It’s time!! 


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